Sunset Silver Necklace

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Silver [4 g], Carnelian (Egypt)

Our necklaces are regulated and you can wear them short 40 cm or long 45 cm.

Please mind that all of our handmade products are unique therefore:

  • our stones may vary
  • we need around 2-20 working days for production

Energy and Joy


Carnelian is a highly energetic stone that balances the element of fire. It captivates like the flicker of a fiery sunset. It symbolizes bold energy, warmth, and joy that empower. It instills self-confidence and unleashes the spirit of courage. It dispels apathy. Carnelian balances and opens the sacral chakra, which holds our creative and sexual energy. This orange stone is endowed with feminine energy. It awakens the inner fire, stimulates sexuality, and promotes fertility. It is associated with the Greek goddess Isis. It is also called the "Stone of the Sunset." Just like the sunset, it consistently fascinates and moves, being the end of the day and simultaneously the beginning of something new and unknown. Carnelian is a symbol of rebirth - it carries the promise of new possibilities. The bright influx of carnelian energy restores vitality and arouses curiosity about the world. It encourages saying "yes" to spontaneity.


Associations - Carnelian

CHAKRAS: Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra
Birthstone: July, August, September
Zodiac Sign: Virgo, Leo, Taurus, Cancer
Vibration: Number 5, Number 6
Element: Fire


Healing with Carnelian








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