Second life of your jewellery

Old jewellery is a priceless treasure. Many of us have it in our home collection - often fancy and extravagant. This type of jewellery also often has sentimental value, especially when it has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a treasure, one might say - priceless.

Jewellery of your dreams with Family Treasures

Often, however, it doesn't strike our fancy, but we don't have the heart to part with it because it carries the soul and energy of its previous owner.

I came up with the idea of how to combine three important points: to always have a family heirloom with us, to keep our character and style in it, and to act in the spirit of recycling and using existing raw materials when creating new objects.

In this way, everyone can afford our chain without giving away family heirlooms to strangers. I like to think of it as the reincarnation of often the most precious family heirlooms into dream products, which will serve the new owner while also bringing in the invaluable power of stones.

What does the procedure look like?

1. Send us an email at with photos and a short description of the jewellery: sample, gold colour, weight. In addition, it is best to immediately include information on what product we will be converting it into.
2. After an initial review of the documentation we come back with information on whether the jewellery meets the basic criteria.
If the gold is of appropriate quality, the next step is just to send the jewellery to our office.
3. After the first inspection by our goldsmiths we come back with the final price.
4. After accepting the price we proceed with the production of the chosen product. We cover the differences by bank transfer or wait for the customer's transfer if he has something to add.