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  • 14-18kt gold [2 grams], Mother of pearl [Australia]
  • Diameter: 8 mm

Please mind that all of our handmade products are unique therefore we need around 2-20 working days for production.

Mother of pearl

Like pearls, mother of pearl belongs to a small group of natural stones classified as organic gemstones, meaning they are produced by living organisms. It is obtained mainly in countries that have access to warm seas or have developed pearl production through breeding. Ours comes from Australia.

Mother-of-pearl is said to brighten the mind and aid in decision making and also develop adaptability. It increases stamina, organizational skills and has a positive effect on family life. It also represents prosperity and success in the material sphere.

It makes emotions more balanced and harmonious. If you have poor contact with your feelings or difficulty expressing love, with mother of pearl you will find it easier to define and express your emotions.

With its protective energy surrounding you, you will overcome daily challenges without fear, as it will invoke in you a sense of inner confidence and peace. Mother of Pearl is known for its powerful calming effects and ability to balance the aura. It attracts good fortune and wealth and introduces the energy of prosperity and abundance.

The mother of pearl available in this product has been evaluated and analyzed by independent gemmologists. All necessary parameters and confirmation of natural origin are included in the certificate attached to the order. It is issued by the Polish Gemological Society.

Polish Gemological Society is known for its unbiased gem grading system, and certificates of authenticity issued by its members are honored all over the world.


Mother of Pearl Associations

CHAKRAS: Sacral Chakra
Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

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