Diamond Pearl Gold Body Chain

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  • Metal kind: Gold
  • Gold standard: 585
  • Total weight of gold [g]: 12
  • Pearl size: 5 [mm]
  • Stone: Diamond
  • Measurements [mm]: 3,97-4,01 x 2,42 mm
  • Carat weight [ct]: 0,25
  • Colour grade: G
  • Clarity grade: SI2
  • Chain length around waist = 85 cm (with 5 cm extension), chain length around neck = 62 cm

Handcrafted 14k gold chain adorned with a certified diamond. It falls beautifully over the shoulders and wraps around the waist, so you can wear it over an airy dress or over a skimpy top or bikini. Pair this gorgeous piece with some of our necklaces for the full effect.

Please note that all our products are handmade, therefore we need about 5-10 working days for production. Please contact customer service for more details.

Our Pearl

Australia’s northwest Kimberley coast is home to the giant Pinctada maxima, which produces Australia’s finest and prized South Sea pearls.

Pearls do not appear overnight. Pinctada maxima produces one cultured pearl every two to three years. Imagine the time and patience it takes to find the perfect pair of pearls for earrings.

Due to blatant overfishing, Australia is currently the only place in the World where the wild Pinctada Maxima can be used to grow pearls. The pearl fishermen of Western Australia were the first in the world to be certified by MSC- The Marine Stewardship Council. With this certification, we can be sure that we are getting pearls of the highest quality with a guarantee of origin and no burden on the marine environment.

The MSC is an independent non-profit organization that has developed environmental standards in cooperation with scientists, fishermen and other organizations. All to ensure the survival of fish and other marine life.




Pearls have always fascinated those who see the world through the eyes of the soul. They symbolize our inner wisdom and enhance our connection to the divine energies of the cosmos. Pearls are an introspective stone, encouraging us to discover our true self and our purpose on Earth.

Their energy is inherently feminine, which means they are useful tools to work with when you have excess Yang energy in your meridian and chakra system. Pearls are used during moon rituals to access the wisdom of the many Goddesses. They balance vibrations, gently bringing the energies of balance and harmony into our aura.



Sama nazwa, dość uniwersalna w wielu językach świata, pochodzi od greckiego słowa „adamas” i oznacza „niezniszczalny”.

The name itself, quite universal in many languages of the world, comes from the Greek word “adamas” and means “indestructible.”

Diamond is the hardest and most durable mineral on Earth at the same time. These properties and its exceptional luster make it one of the world’s most expensive and desirable stones. A pure, colorless diamond is the most popular, but colored diamonds, which are not readily available on the market, are becoming equally popular. A diamond cannot be destroyed by anything other than itself.

Diamond brings love and clarity to partnerships, cementing relationships. It strengthens self-awareness, facilitates the spiritual development of its owner, and enhances nobility.

It is said that the diamond endows with the ability to concentrate, gives the opportunity to happily realize inspirations and plans, brings joy and happiness.



Certificate The diamond in this body chain has been evaluated and analyzed by independent gemmologists. All its parameters and confirmation of its natural origin can be found in the certificate attached to the order. It is issued by the Polish Gemmological Society. The certificate created in this way includes such data as the analysis of the diamond’s dimensions, its purity, color, cut, symmetry and other characteristics.

Polish Gemmological Society, is known for its unbiased gemstone grading systems, and certificates of authenticity issued by its members are honored worldwide.



CHAKRAS – Crown Chakra
Birthstone – April
Planet – Venus
Zodiac – Leo, Capricorn, Aries
Vibration – Number 3

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