Ceremony Herkimer Gold Choker

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14-18kt gold [1,5 grams], Herkimer [USA]
Our necklaces are regulated, and you can wear them short 38 cm or long 39 cm.

Please note that all our products are unique, therefore:

  • The stone may differ from the one shown in the pictures
  • Waiting time for your order is about 10-20 business days

Ceremony Mother of Pearl Clover Necklace is the next installment of our bestselling clover necklace. The necklace is made of 14-18k gold and mother-of-pearl sourced from Australia. The clover suspended on a delicate gold chain symbolizes happiness, joy and harmony.

For centuries, the four-leaf clover has been considered in many cultures as a symbol bringing good luck and success in all kinds of endeavors. Each of its petals is assigned one of the values – love, joy, faith and the aforementioned good luck.

Mother of pearl is one of the few natural stones classified as organic gemstones, which in practice means that it is produced by living organisms.

Ceremony Mother of Pearl Clover Necklace is a powerful talisman that harmonizes energy and supports the expression of one’s emotions. The combination of the clover symbolism and the unique powers of mother-of-pearl gives the wearer confidence and supports the achievement of inner harmony.

All Izabella Budryn Jewellery products are made of the best quality materials, so they are resistant to the elements, allowing you to wear them in any situation – including sea bathing and sunbathing.

Izabella Budryn Jewellery’s latest collection, Ceremony, is a tribute to everyday life and the changes we experience every minute of our lives. Changes that lead us to find our true I , to embark on the right path in life, to live each day in our own way and to saturate each day to the fullest.

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