Silk cord bracelet with black tourmaline Le Voyage

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Gold, Tourmaline

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The tourmaline we use comes from Tanzania. This crystal is seen as an amulet that was often taken with us on distant expeditions and unknown places to protect and deflect that which does not serve us. It dispels fears, has a protective effect and wearing it around the neck prevents negative thoughts. It defends, guards and shields.

The tourmaline bracelet is suggested to be worn on the dominant hand (the one with which we perform various activities most often), i.e. the one perceived as ‘giving’ energy to the outside world. This is to help channel the protective properties of tourmaline.

The colour of the stone has its own significance. Black tourmaline is known for its protective and grounding properties. It is ideal for those seeking stability and protection from negative influences.


This precious metal has been a symbol of spiritual wealth, harmony and purity for centuries. Its unparalleled texture and brilliance make it not only a material full of luxury, but also a source of energy and inspiration. Its ability to retain its brilliance and resist external influences make it one of the most desirable metals in jewellery.

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