What crystals should not be combined with each other?

What crystals should not be combined with each other?

Are you starting your adventure with crystals and wondering if there are combinations of stones that should not be combined?

Which stones should you choose? What happens if you put on and combine too many crystals? Will their energy change?

Your small collection of stones is likely to grow quickly as you come to love crystals, delve into working with them and feel for yourself how they work. Chances are, before you know it, the stones in your environment will be very large. Then you may need rules that allow you to freely choose and combine your crystals. It would be useful for you to know which stones are better not to combine with each other, and which ones enhance each other’s effects.

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Is it possible to combine crystals?

Some crystals work well together and support each other’s effects. However, there are combinations that are not among the beneficial ones, and I will tell you about them in this article.

Wondering how many crystals can be worn at once?

The number of stones we wear depends mainly on the preference of the owner. Some types of jewelry combine several different stones. Chakra balancing jewelry contains as many as 7 different stones, and that’s perfectly fine.

However, if you use a lot of stones on a daily basis and start to feel overwhelmed, confused or disoriented, it may be a sign to limit the number of crystals you wear.

When you use too many high-vibrational stones, it can raise your energy excessively.

If you’re a person who is growing spiritually and deepening self-awareness, you’re sure to easily pick up on the fact that there are too many crystals around you.

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What combinations of stones are better to avoid?

There is no single, complete list of stones that should not be combined with each other. The potential combinations of crystals are very numerous, and the final energetic effect depends tremendously on the person who wears them.

If you accidentally combine stones that do not match, you are in no serious danger. When you use crystals with opposite energies, they cancel each other out and you won’t get any clear benefit from wearing them. You can also get too much energy when stones that act similarly enhance each other.

We often use crystals to increase energy. However, if you put too many vibration-boosting stones on your body, you may over-energize, become over-stimulated and throw yourself out of balance. Then it is better to limit the number of crystals you wear and focus on the ones that serve you best.

Clear Quartz enhances the effect of other crystals. Observe yourself and react if you feel that the energy of any of the stones has become too strong due to the combination with white quartz.

If you are down, sad and depressed, do not use blue and green crystals or white quartz, which will only exacerbate the feeling. Malachite can also intensify the emotional state you are in. However, the effect of these stones on a person and the reception of their energy are very subjective, so observe yourself. Some people feel a surge of positive energy when interacting with white quartz and malachite, so the most important thing is how you feel in the company of your crystals!

Do not combine crystals whose effects are mutually exclusive. When you combine high-energy, stimulating and encouraging carnelian with amethyst, which has a calming and tranquilizing effect on a person, the effect will not be beneficial to you. Similarly, you won’t experience the soothing effect of amazonite when you combine it with quartz tiger’s eye, which stimulates you to boldly take life into your own hands.

Stones vs. four elements

Stones carry with them the energy of Mother Earth. They were formed long ago, under high pressure, deep underground, in rock crevices or as fragments of rock.

The four elements – also called elements – are fire, water, air and earth. They characterize not only the physical world, but also human nature and spirituality. The color of a crystal usually corresponds to its association with the elements.

When choosing stones, you can be guided by their color to avoid combinations that are unlikely to be beneficial. Do not combine stones of fire and water, or earth and air, unless you have a very clear intention that explains such a combination.

Fire stones are red, orange or yellow in color. They enhance courage, ignite passion, and help you start new ventures. These include sunstone, carnelian, citrine and red jasper.

Water stones are usually green and blue. They stimulate intuition, have a favorable effect on emotions, offset fears and soothe nerves. Water element stones include amethyst, aquamarine, chalcedony and celestine.

Earth stones – brown or black – calm, ground, strengthen health and the material sphere. This group includes black tourmaline, smoky quartz, onyx, obsidian, pyrite and hematite.

Air stones are usually purple, white or transparent. They help in the creative process, expressing feelings and communicating with other people. They brighten the mind and support the intellect. They include amethyst, fluorite, labradorite and selenite (moonstone).

White Quartz, or Clear Quartz, combines the energy of all four elements. When paired with a moonstone, such as in the Full Moon Gaia Gold Necklace it brings peace and harmony while attracting success and good luck. When combined with onyx, such as in the Third Eye Gold necklace it harmonizes the mind and body while enhancing confidence and self-control and supporting the manifestation of dreams.

You’ve probably already noticed that if you combine fire stones, which ignite the passion of life, with earth stones, which have a cooling, calming effect and allow you to stand firm on the ground, the energy effects will not be beneficial.

For what purpose do you combine your crystals?

If you ask the question:

Can I combine these crystals?

The answer is:

And what do you want to achieve with this?

Intention is always the most important thing. Combining stones can support you wonderfully in achieving your goal. It is very important that you determine exactly what you need and what you want to achieve by wearing the crystals before choosing them. Set your goal precisely. Focus on what you want to achieve with the help of the energy of the stones.

If you know yourself very well and have been working with crystals for a long time, you may find that you will be able to turn even these usually mutually exclusive energy connections to your advantage. This will only work, however, if you make your goal very clear. Imagine that you want to achieve deep concentration in order to then devote yourself full force to a particular endeavor. In such a situation, combining a stone that has a calming effect with one that adds energy will work favorably to support you in achieving your goal.

Carnelian and red jasper boost energy, while blue agate calms it. The power of these stones will therefore cancel each other out, canceling each other out. Wearing them you may feel insecure and unstable. The combination therefore seems to make no sense. However, if you have a lot of experience in working on yourself and your relationship with the crystals is already very strong, you can benefit even from such a combination of stones. Then you can, for example, specify that you want to use carnelian or jasper to boost your creative energy, and agate to improve your perception.

As you can see, a lot depends on where you are in your spiritual journey.

Learn as much as you can about crystals and work with them consciously and you will discover which combinations serve you and which don’t.

How do you combine stones and crystals?

I love to use the supportive power of different stones. I hope that after reading this article you too will bravely draw on their power!

All types of jewelry in my collection that consist of more crystals are safe.

Five Elements necklace helps balance all energies in the body and soul. It combines gold, smoky quartz and onyx – crystals that banish sorrow, restore peace and promote self-confidence.

The Third Eye Gold Necklace features round, black onyx beads that blend beautifully with a clear quartz.

Choose stones corresponding to zodiac signs or numerological numbers. You will also safely combine crystals corresponding to the same elements.

You can use a simple tool to help you find the most suitable crystals for you. Enter here your birthdate and see what crystals are chosen for you!

The result you get coordinates with your zodiac sign and numerological number. You can read more about stones and numerology in the article “Numerology and crystal energy“.

Enjoy your jewelry with crystals!

Once you discover the beauty and power you can draw from the energy of crystals, you will probably strive to increase your collection. Use the power of the stones and enjoy them.

Remember the principles I’ve shown you and combine your crystals so that they support you. Keep in mind your current spiritual state, clarify your goals and choose those stones that will help you reach for your dreams.

You can choose crystals in line with your zodiac sign, numerological number or simply those that resonate best with you at the moment!

And when in doubt, this article will be here waiting for you so you can always come back to it.

With love, Izabella Budryn.

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